Bedonwell Junior

" Through excellence, together we shall succeed "



At the end of the autumn term 2017 and summer term 2018, our orchestra visited the Greenwich and Bexley hospice to entertain the residents with some festive music.


Violin  The Bedonwell Junior and Infant violinists held a concert on Thursday 24th May to parents and carers. The event was wonderful! The children showcased music they had been learning this year. Thank you to Mr Bray for his hard work teaching them this year.

Keyboard Our keyboard players performed to parents/carers on Thursday 7thJune. This often noisy affair showcased the children’s learning throughout the year including many chart hits. A huge thank you to Mr Ewins for teaching our keyboardists this year.

Woodwind  Mrs Chalkley-Bowman has been teaching our woodwind and recorder players this year resulting in a superb concert to parents/carers on Wednesday 27th June. Thank you to her for supporting our musicians this year.




Brass Our small brass ensemble performed for parents/carers on Tuesday 3rdJuly. A huge thank you to Mr Raybould for teaching our brass players this year.

Guitar  On Wednesday 9th May, Mr Ross led our guitar concert for parents/carers. Playing recognisable songs, the children performed brilliantly. Thank you to Mr Ross for teaching our guitarists this year.

String Day On 22nd March, Bedonwell Junior School held a ‘String Day’ for our violinists. We were joined by violinists from Bedonwell Infants as well as children from Barrington Primary School. The day was very enjoyable and led by Mr Bray together with the violin teacher from Barrington (Ms Fitzgerald-Chanchani).  The day consisted of an interactive workshop where the children learnt new pieces of music and ended with a massed concert with all of the children playing together to parents/carers, which wowed the audience. 

Barbican Trip On 9th July, Bedonwell were fortunate to be able to attend an event put on by the London Symphony Orchestra. A selection of musicians from Bedonwell Junior made the journey to the Barbican Theatre. The performance revolved around the Voyager spacecraft (the first human made object to enter interstellar space). The performance was exceptional with many wonderful songs played. It ended with a rendition of Jupiter with the entire audience partaking. The children behaved impeccably and loved the amazing performance by the orchestra.